Particle Mind

Media in a three-dimensional space

with: Philipp Schmitt, Stephan Bogner, Jonas Vaas
when: February – March 2013


Particle Mind is a playful visualization of brain structures. It's based on a 3D holographic display that blends in physical objects with digital content. The holo-box makes use of the Pepper's ghost illusion technique. Thanks to a mirror-technique inside the box, certain brain structures appear inside of a glass head. In the top of the box, there's a 40 inch screen. The visuals are coming from a Processing sketch using the physics Box2D. A XBox Kinect Sensor enables gestural interaction with the installation. Users can select which structure they want to display inside of the head by moving their arm. Options are brain, skull and throat. As a user hovers the cursor over a certain hotspots, the particles of the installation move around and together form the selected structure.