The Citizen Sensing Platform

with: Louisa Höllerer
when: March – July 2016


Science isn't exclusive for professional scientists anymore. Citizen Science is gaining traction: whether it is about large scale bird watching or finding life in the galaxy — citizen scientists contribute their individual skills, resources and passion.
Combining personal involvement with the worlds most available data collector — your smartphone, you get Citizen Sensing. Consense is a Citizen Sensing platform that allows users to participate in scientific studies.

Get started

To get started you have to create your personal Consense account. Afterwards Consense asks for your interests, medical history (optional) and the permission to use additional tracking devices. You are now ready to participate in your first study

Get started by providing your login credentials, gender, interests and medical history


The Dashboard shows all available and active sensors as well as all studies (Requests) you’re currently take part in. Each Request has its own information layer about the study specific data usage and implications.


Discover new Requests to participate by browsing and searching for Request which match your interests and abilities.

Walktrough: Dashboard, Requests, Newsfeed, Publications and Settings
Search for new Requests

Newsfeed & Publications

Stay up to date with the scientific progress of your studies. Newsfeed shows your all relevant news and updates concerning your Requests. Publications gets you possible results in a non-scientist understandable version.

The Escape Study

The Escape study is investigating long-term effects on human health of exposure to air pollution in Europe.
In this example we track air pollution and your heartrate.

Browse through the data you collected

Design process in detail: Bachelor Documentation